Subject: The Missing Episodes .... 47 ; 48 ; 49.
Date: 02 Apr 2000 02:34

Greetings Earthlings

I have been informed that some of the business addresses don't allow
for attached files and pix to be received via email. This causes a problem
with keeping up to date with the story as I have been sending some pix
with the last three episodes. For those whose emails are wiped out I
have included the text of the last three episodes in this email referred
to as " The Missing Episodes Part 1 ".

Episode 47even

Greetings Earthlings

I trust that this finds everyone healthy and in good spirits.
The long weekends are coming soon.
I am still on my natural high and nothing is going to bring me down.

The open house on Saturday was a great success. To all those who came, thanks and I hope

everybody enjoyed it like I did. To all those who didn't come, I am sure I will see you soon.

This is just a short note as I am going to send some pictures with every episode.

This is the text that goes with each picture.

This photo was taken on 3 Dec 99 showing the drain and was the beginning of the living hell.

031299b.jpg This was taken on the 3 Dec 99 showing where they cut and the drain line to drain any residual blood

from the wound. The tumour was about the size of a marshmallow so there was quite a hole which

had to stay closed.


This is me lying down and looking for sympathy. The pain in the neck was quite literal.

Thank goodness for Lentogesic painkillers.

Enjoy and more will follow


The only glow in the dark deejay

Episode 48ight

Greetings Earthlings

I trust that this finds everybody well and coping with this wet and cold wierd weather.
I have never known Jo'burg to be so wet for so long and now it is settling into a very chilly
and damp autumn. Brrrr. This I think we all know.

I hope that everybody received the pix and that they are not to big to download. I will attach
another three with captions with this episode for your viewing. I am sending the pix in order
that they happened. These are the pix that are going onto the web page.

The web page should be ready very soon. I must just find out from
my ISP what is needed for them to get the initial page going and the name registration and
whatever else is needed to be done.
I really hope that these pix help everyone understand what happened and how the side effects affected me. If anybody has got a problem with the pix just let me know and I will remove your name from the most exclusive mailing list in the world.

Of all the internet sites that I have visited relating to cancer of the head and neck I have only found one that relates to the actual suffering of the patient and it is not a pretty story. The site will be linked on the web page and it is called the MoZone.

List of three pix for today.


This photo was taken on the 4 Dec 99 just after the tumour was taken from my neck.The tumour was taken from the right side just below my jaw.This is the last photo showing how healthy I was.


This is after I had been told that I had neck and head cancer and I had just had my bottom row of teeth removed. This is when I started losing weight as I had a mouth full of stitches and no teeth to bite or chew with. The new plate was fitted on the same day so it was very painful and uncomfortable


This is the bed inside the radiation room that the patient lies on.The mask is fitted over the patients face and locked into the black headrest so that there is absolutely no movement. Quite uncomfortable.

Must be going for now

All the best for everyone and remember to never stop partying


The only glow in the dark deejay in the world.

Episode 49ine

Greetings Earthlings

Here we are a couple of days later with nothing much changing except the date.

My body is driving me crazy as I feel that I am well enough to do some work until I
do the work. Then it is as if I never got well in the first place, total burnout. This is
very frustrating and it is leading to frustrating things. I have had enough of the waiting
game, I want to be well again. My brain knows that the healing process is going to
take a while but refuses to accept these things. I am feeling great and starting to l
look okay again. My skin around the radiated area is changing colour and the new
skin is coming through, it looks very mottled at the moment. My taste has not
come back yet niether have the spit glands started to work yet. The facial hair
is also staying away at this time although this is not a problem, I never liked
shaving anyway. All I have to worry about is a little area like a "bok bard" around
my mouth and moustache area. After two weeks of not shaving at all, a little bit
of growth is evident which comes off quite easily with an electric razor. This is not
a problem.

Herewith the next three pix and story. These concentrate on the radiation machine.


This is the radiation control room.

The nurses and radiation technicians monitor the room with cctv and an intercom.

To make sure that the patient is all right at all times.


Here I am locked into the mask on the bed waiting for the treatment to begin.


Here I wait for the treatment to begin.

You can see the radiation machine head that shoots the radiation.

Note the syringe body in my mouth to keep my mouth open and to keep my tongue

depressed during the treatment. Also note the line up marks on the mask to ensure

that the same area is radiated every time that the machine is used.

That's all for now folks.

Tune in same time, same place, very soon for more information about the

Radiation Ravers. This is a very exclusive club. Limited membership.

See ya all soon


The only glow in the dark deejay ever.

I hope that this helps with the keeping up to date with The Life and Times of Shuan K Kearney.

Keep in touch


The only glow in the dark Radiation Raver deejay in the world ever.